Published January 24, 2016

Sulpicia: Translations     

Caroline Moses

Published March 19, 2014

The Music Seen

Smoke Music 3

<p> <strong>Smoke Music 3</strong> projects music as image: on the silver screen in&nbsp;<strong>Steve Dollar&rsquo;s</strong> survey of this year&rsquo;s music documentaries, including an interview with Oscar-winner&nbsp;<strong>Morgan Neville</strong>; director&nbsp;<strong>Drew DiNicola&rsquo;s</strong> portfolio of visual inspiration for his documentary <strong>Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me</strong>; the on-set memories of&nbsp;<strong>Jonathan Kane</strong>&nbsp;as his father <strong>Art Kane</strong> shot an iconic Life&nbsp;magazine cover featuring <strong>Jefferson Airplane</strong>; and a consideration of concrete emotions and the abstractions of acoustic music, featuring <strong>Ralph Vaughan Williams</strong> and&nbsp;<strong>Nathan Salsburg</strong>.</p>
Smoke Music
Published August 26, 2013

The Road

Project subtitle

<p>Smoke Music #2 follows the rock and roll road through political upheaval, cross-country crate digging, dashed dreams, kaleidoscopically WTF moments, and sleeping soundly behind booming sumbitches. Get in the van.</p>
Published June 13, 2013

Sound of Blue

<p>Smoke Music collects music and writing, current obsessions, and pieces from our published archives. Themed issues, irregularly released. The first issue presents features&mdash;with full tracks and links to more&mdash;on artists from North Carolina&rsquo;s vibrant community of musicians who are informed by tradition, but never bound by it.</p>